Sharity is a shared-value platform that empowers brands to engage products into funding SDGs

Sharity Story

Rocking the space!

We've come a long way since we've created big machines, that created an abundance of products.. at the time, we didn't know if they were enough for everyone..

Everyone is online!

Then we built the internet, and pretty much connected everything.. that the world became smaller..


To our amazement, we found out that there's an abundance of everything, they are just not well distributed..

Yes, more of this please..

This is when we realized that the world needs more sharing, than making.. Sharity

Sharity Customers

Whether you are a Charity with thirst for novelty, a Telco or Corporate struggling to positon your CSR, or a Charity Regulator who’s trying to supervise and monitor Charities. We have something good to make your life easier!


launching a cause, marketing it, effectively communicating and engaging with the right donor have never been easier..


  • I engage, I only show my donors the causes they care for the most
  • I am focused and effective in my communication, I don’t overwhelm my donors with data, I say what needs to be said
  • I utilize charitable intelligence, to develop deep insights about my donors’ persona; that helps me taking informed decisions
  • I easily add causes to the platform with the lowest administration fees


People are happier when they give, even if they’re just following instructions. It’s also the way we give and how we give that makes us happy, they key is to give deliberately and thoughtfully, so that other people benefit from it


  • I connect with my customer on a deeper level than before
  • I consistently show my good-giving business that serve needs, and reduce sufferings, to achieve the welfare of our community
  • I actively support my community, I volunteer time and engage my customers in giving through products
  • I create socially engaging products, not sheer consumables


Why compromise the efforts of 365 days for 2 days buzz of #ThanksGiving and #GivingTuesday or #Ramadan #EID?


  • I am altruistic, I am more than just a mobile service provider
  • I co-create with my customer, and collaboratively help my community to thrive
  • I am creative, I know how to be innovative with my existing services
  • I am showing the impact of my customers’ contributions to the causes I am supporting


supervising charities’ and donors’ activities should not be a tedious job. Positioning your country on World Giving Index should is at a press of a button


  • I supervise all donations, and ensure charities’ compliancy
  • I ensure donors’ money is well-delivered to real-causes
  • I safeguard country reputation, and refute unwarranted allegations
  • I certify equality between causes, and eliminate underfunded causes
Our Charity Management System can smartly slice and dice BigData to mobilize boost engage giving

Our CMS rich insights and ad-hoc reports, will help you unleashing your donors persona “who, where, when, how, and which“ Interested to know more, please write to us

Egypt Giving Index 12%

Our altruistic Charity Management System empowers the BigData behind the donations to socialize with the donors, CMS deep-dive into data-mining to show aggregated data of engaged donors in broad activities, from donating, volunteering to helping strangers.

Team Work

If you think that your work doesn’t inspire others, this is the list of people around the globe, who unknowingly helped me to find my calling. They all share one common trait, they have found their dharma, passionately culminating their talent and sharing their prosperity with everyone!

Main Cast

  • My parents, Egyptian
  • Dana Haidan, Qatari
  • Omar Marzouk, Egyptian
  • Malcolm Gladwill, Canadian
  • Brianna Wiest, American
  • Gibran Khalil Gibran, Lebanese
  • Mostafa Mahmoud, Egyptian
  • Rumi, Persian
  • Lao Tzu, Chinese
  • Dalai Lama, Chinese
  • Alan De Button, British
  • Maha Talaat, Egyptian
  • Deepak Chopra, Indian
  • Alan Watts, British
  • Johnson Robinson, British
  • Elon Musk, South African
  • Confucius, Chinese
  • Haruki Murakama, Japanese
  • John Green, American
  • Naguib Mahfouz, Egyptian
  • Nick Vujicic, Australian

Sharity Editors

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Web Design and Development

Elena and Ivan, Russian
Alaa Swelam, Egyptian
Danish Nizami, Pakistani

Executive Producer

Egyptian Developers Team


My life savings


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BCorporations, American
UN SDG-Funds, International

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